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me an umbrella. i forgot mine. >> oh you did? oh dear. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. steve knows everything. >> i hope so. at least in the next four hours. we do have some rain here. heavier rain still a ways to go. there will be some areas that don't get that much rain. maybe a third to a half. other areas will get over two inches of rain. light rain will move in. it will throughout the next couple of hours intensify. but by around the noon hour, that is when the heavier bulk comes in. this is a mild pattern. mid to upper 50s for some and 57 sfo. the core of our jet stream is enhancing this on the backside. possibility with thunderstorms as well. maybe half inch for some to an inch. other areas one inch to half. so rain, breezy top windy. light rain in the morning and picking up. more in the afternoon. mild temps. not cold system by any stretch of the imagination. upper 50s mainly or very low to mid 60s. here is sal. >>> steve, when it starts to rain, it will mean more crashes. although right now it is pretty quiet. let's take a look at the east shore freeway and the bay b
you. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com steves: i'm meeting my florentine friend tommaso at i fratellini, a venerable hole in the wall much loved among locals for its tasty sandwiches and wine sold by the glass. -grazie. -tommaso: thank you. and when you're done, you leave it on the rack. steves: boy, it's intense in the city. tommaso: yes, it is. well, if you want to leave the tourists, let's cross the river, and let's go to where the real florentines live and work. -steves: what's that? -tommaso: the oltrarno area. steves: there's much more to this town than tourism, as you'll quickly find in the characteristic back lanes of the oltrarno district. artisans busy at work offer a rare opportunity to see traditional craftsmanship in action. you're welcome to just drop in to little shops, but, remember, it's polite to greet the proprietor. your key phrase is, "can i take a look?" -posso guardare? -man: certo. steves: grazie. here in this great city of art, there's no shortage of treasures in need of a little tlc. this is beautiful. how old is this panting? woman: this is a 17th-c
will the cold last and how does this winter rate with the past five? we will talk about that coming up. steve, thank you. a rigorous task of shoveling the icy snow turned deadly for one woman. neighbors of the victim said she suffered a heart attack and died. the danger extends to the roads as steve rudin just said. the temperatures will be in the single digits, creating an ugly situation for the morning commute. tom roussey continues live team coverage from bowie. here,ngs are so cold out you see the results behind me. it is frozen solid on neighborhood streets like this one. upse who planned to clear the ice and snow, it was tragic a little earlier today. this storm led to a tragedy and a cold the sack near glenn dale road. a woman described as older and in good shape appears to have had a heart attack from shoveling at this home. prince george's county fire says she later died. there is also danger on the road after a day littered with accidents like this overturned tractor-trailer on 50. as night fell, things got scary again. >> colder temperatures and the possibility of basic editions is
watch this morning. looking at a little puddle in petaluma. steve paulson may be rolling his eyes over there but we are excited for any rain because it really is we all know we are in a drought. it has been a very dry winter. it's good to have rain move into the bay area and it already is. and you should know as you get ready for your morning commute that steve says it could be a bad evening commute. so make plans ahead of time. here's what it looks like in palo alto as they get ready for sliding down -- flooding down there. we will check in with our reporters all over the bay area this morning. it is wednesday, february 26th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we're ready. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >>> i was just looking at you not rolling my eyes. [ laughter ] we do have light rain. . couple reports coming in. concord, clayton, maybe where you are. the heavy rain is just getting closer to offshore. wet weather is on the way. cloudy, light rain in the morning. rain will pick up in the afternoon hours. and possibility of showers. it's a southeast wind
is not a civil rights issue. just ask iowa republican and volunteer o the hypnotists forgt to wake up, steve king. jim? >> it's clear in the civil rights section of the code that-- that you can't discriminate against people based upon-- i'm not sure i've got the list right-- race, creed, religion, color of skin, those kind of things. and there's nothing mentioned in there on self-professed behavior, and that's what they're trying to perfect is special rights for self-professed behavior. >> stephen: yes, self-professed behavior. unlike race, you can't tell somebody's gay just by looking at them. sphairs know, johnny weir is a perfectly straight wood nynph. you might be asking what exactly does "self-professed" mean? >> the thing i reference when i say self-processed. who do you discriminate against? are they setting up a case? is this about bringing a grievance or a service they'd like to have. >> stephen: steve king is right. these self-professed gays just want you to refuse them service so they can sue you. we've seen it a million times pain guy pretends to be gay, pretend to hide until he's 1
to face down vladimir putin. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on all this. steve? >> doreen, thanks. some are charging this crisis might never have happened if president obama in the pat had been tougher on russian president vladimir putin. they say they're eager now to help him get tougher. as the crisis in the crukraine, they're getting ared to convene. >> it's more than a cause for concern. it's a cause for action. >> reporter: and tenses rose in eastern ukraine. in crimea where the russian navy, air force, and army have control, russian advocates strapped in a cafe, a dutch united nations man finally three. aboorted his mission and checked vladimir putin's rationale for sending russians here. that they're in danger. in paris russian foreign minister met with secretary of state kerry but he refused to meet with ukrainians. >> we renew our call for russians to speak for the government of ukraine to send troops back to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mccain charge thad obama defense secretary chuck hagel did not know putin would send troops to crimea. >> t
the difference between a leader and a dictator. joining me now, steve clemons, washington editor at large for the "atlantic" and an msnbc contributor, and david rodin, investigator reporter for reuters. steve, on the political front i was struck by eric cantor today, whose statement reads as if it was something issued in the 1970s or the 1980s in congress whenever there o'would be a foreign crisis or hot spot involving the soviet union, it had that bipartisan unity. it was exactly out of the old playbook of the way congress would support a president in this situation. >> i mean, we should applaud eric cantor for that tone and posture that he set and send it over to john mccain and lindsey graham to remind them that in these times of crisis with a nation that has near-term memory of being one of the world's great superpowers and wants to be again that there are real consequences. russia has nuclear weapons. russia has a lot of pressure points in this that, you know, we have little leverage over. and i think what eric cantor said in terms of laying out the various options and being supporti
kind of organizations. shld we rein in the power or give it more? let's go in focus. steve, do we really want to give the irs even more power? >> no. we should be giving it less. they are engaged in suppression, coverup and engaged in trying to make sure that groups don't go against the democrats in 2014 and 2012. brazenly after being found out of doing suppression in 2012, they are now putting in former regulations, 100,000 came in against the regs, including liberal groups like the aclu. republicans can use it against them shday. >> that's a good point. even the ac is against that. >> i don't think that's what these regulationsre about. look, if you want to -- accolish a 501 (c) status, i don't think it is appropriate. anybody that's welcomed to give money to a political group, political groups are not being squelched in any way. the difference is that will th donors be disclosed? i don't know about you but i think that's a good idea. >> john, the point is that they are trying to squelch the ability of 501-c to make political comments. that can't be the majority of your mission
." steve mcqueen, "12 years a slave." martin scorsese, "the wolf of wall street." here we go. and the oscar goes to -- >> the oscar goes to -- >> do i get this one? >> yes. >> all right. alfonso cuaron. [ applause ] ♪ >> well, thank you. thanks to the academy. like any other human, making a film can be a traumatic experience. and i want to thank "gravity" because for many people involved in this film, it was a very formative experience. and it's good because it took so long. if not, it would be like a waste of time. [ laughter ] what really sucks is that, well, for a lot of these people, that information grows wisdom. for me, it was just the color of my hair. i want to share this with all of the people who made this happen. my amazing son and co-writer, ernest cuaron. sandra bullock. sandy, you're "gravity." you are the soul, heart of the film. the most amazing collaborator and one of the best people i've ever met. and george clooney, for your absolute trust, team work for making this film happen. the wise guys of warner brothers. the wise people of warner brothers. [ laughter ] lee harri
old pal steve moore, the new chief economist for the heritage foundation. i want to give you one swing at the ball, just one swing at the ball, because we've got bigger fish to fry. steve moore, $300 billion of infrastructure spending, what's wrong with that in your view? >> sounds like more shovel-ready projects that didn't work, but the way to regenerate growth, tax reform. i love what dave camp wants to do. >> jared, what's your take and the tax hike to finance it? >> i'm surprised to hear that steve doesn't believe we need to invest in our infrastructure. like the president said historically it has been very much a bipartisan issue. you talk about progrowth, ask any business person whether the united states infrastructure is up to snuff compared to our competitors. they'll tell you no, and guess what? you have to pay for it. >> we need pipe pipelines. >> i said one swing. wait. wait. i'm giving a reprieve. go ahead, steve. one more bat here. >> the infrastructure we need in this country is pipelines. the private sector will pay for that as long as president obama lets it happen. >>
headlines breaking in ukraine and russia in just the past few minutes. cnbc's steve sedgwick has gone to kiev. that's where we check in with him now. what's the latest on the ground there, steve? >> reporter: you are reading the same headlines we are out of the russian defense ministry and from russian sources, first saying they would potentially be some assault on ukrainian forces who were holding out, albeit peacefully at the moment on the crimean peninsula. then we understand no such ultimatum has been issued. really, events down in the crimea which is in the southern part of this huge european country, let's not forget it's the second largest country by land mass in europe, with a 2300 kilometer border with russia. events are very fluid and really, no clear picture coming out. at the moment, we do know this government here in ukraine which is pro-western, is very defiant even though they are saying they are still looking for very diplomatic messages. that's despite the foreign minister of russia today being pretty aggressive, telling western powers not to back this government in u
boards like this. anyway. thank you. steve will be up here. that was three minutes.3 minutes. >> a question for you. during the pro curing of the land entitlements -- we reduced it from 15 units. then it was reduced to 12 units, that's right. we reduced it in order to comply with the set backs and this type of thing. >> during the planning entitlement the housing accountability act was not brought up. >> no, this is the first time before this board. >> i have a related question. we heard at the last hearing that it was not feasible to conduct the small floors. >> steve is prepared to answer those questions in detail. you would basically be making an sro and one of the objection is that the properties are too dense and too small. that's what they are saying the whole time. if the issue is to just make it harder to build and also make it in feasible from an economic point because we would have to go back and start over with the planning process, with the drafting and the design. i will have steve come up. >> mr. pacheco, is there closed captioning possible. >> wait a second.
and to look for immediate relief for the growing financial crisis. steve sedwick has more. >> reporter: here, the prowestern government reiterated its support for a peaceful solution to the crisis which is seen russian military on passion. i spoke to the prime minister of the ukraine today who said to me he was willing to rebase the relationship with russia on the basis there was no more military action and broader ukraine territory. it's a financial crisis and indeed, the minister admitted the country was down to the last $15 billion of international foreign exchange reserves, but he remained hopeful with due to begin negotiations on tuesday that a deal could be reached in four to five days. for "nightly business report", this is steve sedgwick in kiev. >>> suffering the move into ukraine, the threat of economic sanctions from the u.s. and perhaps other nations, as well, could have a more serious impact on moscow. steve liesman looks at what the u.s. and allies may have against russia. >> reporter: the u.s. has little economic pull to force russia but some experts think it may not need it.
government in kiev is calling an arms invasion. nbc news steve handelsman joins us now with more. good evening, steve. >> reporter: good evening. headline is definitely those russian troops, medium size force newly in ukraine. the question is, what is vladimir putin's plan? the day began with just a few russian troops seizing control of a pair of airports in crimea, southern ukraine, an area historically linked to russia with mostly russian speakers and a big russian naval place. then plane full of russian troops began flying in maybe 2,000 could be more said u.s. officials. russians earlier told secretary of state kerry they would not invade ukraine and said this troop movement was allowed in a treaty they previously had with ukraine but president obama came to the white house briefing room to urge putin to stop. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereigncy and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing which is not in tint of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. >>> most here agree ther
on that. we had a good presentation from steve about the drought situation. the agencies and boss supports the call for 10 percent reduction by the puc we're seeing actions that happened immediately a couple of things we're not quite intuitive the last drought predated some of the current regulations for the water sites and they're thinking about how to deal with with what you do with your process if we go into a mandatory drought situation and all those things like that are important as well as preparing the community for the reductions if they have to do that taking those drought managed plans and dusting them off so they've taken all the actions as well as increasing the message to the community about reducing the water use. and to do that it's been actually, the response is almost immediate in my office. shortly after the announcement from the puc we got several calls from local schools or a water agencies to increase the messages out to community fire department's that level of activity has increased and we're anticipating to see that in all the activities around the region. we've bee
leaders, but at the same time tensions seem to be easing. steve handelsman has more. >> and yes, thank you, doreen. some saw the news conference and thought that putin had taken leave of his senses, but he did try to lower the temperature of the crisis. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin was reassuring to some. he said force was not needed for now in ukraine. and he pulled russian troops from the border. but putin claim ed that ukrainians are living in terror, and he denied that he put the russian army into crimea, south ukraine. they are local self-defense forces, putin said. some of the troops fired warning shots today near ukrainian forces. president obama said that russia is not fooling anyone, and he does not respect ukrainian democracy. >> and mr. putin can throw a lot of words out there, but the facts on the ground indicate that right now, he is not abiding by that principle. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry was on the square in kiev where hundreds died in demonstrations trying to take down the pro russian prest. kerry denied that ukraine is plagued by the terror tha
up to provide subtle service. >> this is a look at 508 and 8:00 let's go to steve. >>> bruise tom son just -- bruce thompson just e-mailed me, can i ride my motorcycle and those are the toughest. >>> he said can i get home by 3:00 and i said yes. a couple of things going on, there will be some pretty boo good rain, by 2:00, they are focusing on the north bay and broward is already home by now. it falls apart and the last couple of systems and sunday longs like another rain producer and sunday clouds are increasing and it looks like things may change, maybe a quarter much and it may be half inch to a little higher to areas to the north and now and especially further to the north nothing too heavy, willits, northern mendocino, nothing yet and this will be another mild pattern and there is another mild system enhancing them and i think you will see it move south tonight. conditions on the mild side, 60s on the temperatures and low- to-mid and a few upper and then you get to the santa clara valley and it would not take much when you are sitting at 56 degrees and it looks good to warm with
, the best-known manager arguably steve balmer passed hast the baton in terms of the ceo title is speaking out about some of his regrets about microsoft cost -- microsoft's shifts into hardware. we are also getting fresh details from bloomberg news on what was happening in the board room as steve balmer push to get that nokia deal done. bloomberg news technology editor and joins me here in san francisco with the latest on the story. ari, let's start with what we are learning about that process of steve balmer pushing for this bigger move into hardware, trying to get a nokia deal done. it sounds like board members were not so sure about it. >> the surprise would be if there was not a lot of debate in the board room about this. a $7 billion deal for a handset maker, for a company that is trying to shift into the next generation of software and devices. they are buying one of the legacy players. a lot of boardroom drama taking place around this deal. ballmer was a big supporter of this. was it his last best effort to maintain a hold of the company? in some ways that is how it is sounding now.
's how she met steve brown. >> she walked in the door, and she looked very frail, physically, emotionally, just sickly weak. >> cindy told the private investigator about her crazy fear that her husband had killed his own son. >> cindy proceeded to tell me what happened that day in 2008. >> and she remembered something, before she and carl left for the funeral, he went to the barn to see levi and for a few minutes was alone with his son. >> carl wanted to check on levi before they left, and carl had came back to the vehicle and they drove off to the funeral, and, you know, carl seemed fine the entire time, normal behavior. >> but when they came home from the funeral, cindy noticed something else. >> we got out of the car, and the first thing that i heard was the radio in the barn, and it was very loud, and it was set on country music, and anybody that knew levi, he wouldn't be caught dead listening to country music. >> whoever turned the music on, it wasn't levi. could it be carl? the private investigator was concerned. >> i was quiet the rest of the night, just dissecting how could that b
at a commute that is somewhat rough. it's still wet from the overnight rain that steve talked. he also mentioned there is rain move through -- moving through. that's not good for traffic. traffic on interstate 880 is a little bit slow. just as steve mentioned, some of the rain moving through, it's a little gusty, windy. some people have tweeted me about gusty winds on the benicia bridge, carquinez and the richmond bridge. 580 as you come through livermore, still a little bit set back. we had earlier problems. 580 is slow over to the altamont pass. the nimitz freeway is gonna be slow just south of leleling down to fremont. the southbound lanes of highway 101 in santa clara county are still shut down. that's after a tanker truck crashed earlier this morning. tara moriarty is there live with other problems the crash is causing. >> reporter: well, the evacuation order has now been lifted for the 14 homes that have located just around this tanker crash. also the winds have really picked up. a lot of the fumes from the gasoline that were so strong and pungent earlier this morning, they have
, steve, you have everything to tell us. >> we still have some rain last night which is the main car door. we still have some morning rain and it is more of a westerly breeze, temperatures are on the mild side and we have added that breeze. heavier rain will be central california and it will be close for the santa cruz mountains as well and we will get more rain here and that will take us to friday. mendocino, northern sonoma and into napa, morning rain goes and that's where the low is going and we have a fizzle or wind down and there could be some isolated showers in contra costa and temperatures are in the 50s and that starts, a this next system will be a really good wind producer. there goes one system as it moves to the north and here comes the next one and it looks even better. partly cloudy after that morning rain hit and miss more to the north and breezes out of the south, southwest and mainly in the low-to-mid 60s, here is sal. >>> we have some troubles out there, too big of a reaction let's start with this but it is a little wet from the overnight rain. >>> same thing goes, still
's the difference between governor brown '75 and governor brown 2014? >> pelley: and steve hartman on the road. a little boy finds a small fortune and gives a stranger something priceless. >> i look at it every day. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting from los angeles. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. at this hour is appears russian militaries forces are crossing the border into ukraine. in a region of ukraine known as crimea. late today, president obama went on national television to warn russia against a military intervention. ukraine has been reeling since last week when a popular revolt led the president of ukraine to flee to russia. crimea used to be part of russia and has long wanted to return. ukraine says russian attack helicopters and military transports have taken two key airports in crimea. that is what brought the president into the briefing room. >> it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. and just days af
. it is monday, i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> let's talk about weather, steve is over there. >> we have increasing clouds, a little bit is falling and our system will continue to spread in a lot of your cover. it is really not that cool all know livermore is 45. 52 with some light rain, increasing clouds throughout the day, a few impulse impulses and the rain will be to the north between wednesday night and thursday and that's a little undone and it is spot on for the north bay and they will be picking up highs today and lows and it is getting busier as you drive in from vallejo to berkeley and that is taking 20 minutes which is not an unusual drive time testimony but between oakland and the and transit and there are no major problems as you drive through. we are am taken am crash, where theme people were injured. >> reporter: police believe alcohol played a role in this accident. it happened on osgood road and fremont police are out here piecing together this accident but they believe both of the drivers involved were under the influence. that includes a mother who was riding in a car
5th, i am pam cook. >> steve, should we leave the house with an umbrella. >> you throw one in the back of the car. it keeps them in the north bay and after that, before 5:00 by the evening commute although san jose is not picking up on that and this system is really falling apart. further south, we have couple of 100s. some clouds will sneak in overall it will be a dry day. this sunday steve. cloud cover continues to stream in and we will enhance it and lines the source of our cloud cover and not much to the north, it is beginning to pick up. we are keeping an eye on things. 50s on the temperatures, really mild. , if you have anything you need to do, then after that, some of that rain will slide north, 60s to near 70s, here is steve. >>> let me show you, this is along the union city, fremont station. now if you want to catch one, you could go to fremont but i would recommend going over to the bay fair station which will get you into the city. there is a big traffic jam because of problems on the actual fremont line so if you go up to dublin trait into the city that will ma
's start with steve paulson. when will it start to rain? >> pretty good development taking place in montyry. not bad. things are beginning to pick up. all sorts of reports coming in. thanks to the viewers if it's raining where you are. we're starting to see the system swing onshore. that's good. pockets of that -- look at that. south of monterey things are lit up. there's pockets where we'll get moderate to heavy rain. general area of rain is filling in. things will start to pick up. nothing too heavy yet. i know we had a couple of reports in san francisco. that system moving over the bay bridge. you might pick up moderate to brief, heavy rain. overall, it's a light pattern up to the north. nothing heavy yet. we expect that to come up to mendocino county and lake county. 50s on the temperatures. it's really, really mild. some. rainfall projections will be impressive the next couple of days. here's sal. >>> good morning. right now we have do traffic that's being affected by the wet roads. i do want to mention the traffic is going to be busy as you come on the eastshore freeway. it's not comp
too bad as steve mentioned. we are here in the north bay that should receive the brunt of the storm. a driver should also expect gusty winds so take it easy across the bridges. the chp is warning drivers to check their tire treads and pressure. the wet forecast brought in a steady stream of customers into the ace hardware store on university avenue. tarps, rain gear, and drainage pipes all in high demand and some in low supply. >> people started coming in yesterday and today. sol it's kind of like the hype oh is it really going to happen? i need to stockpile now. >> reporter: the number of sandbags also dwindling. moderate to heavy showers are not expected to kick in until noon. we could see some thunderstorms up to three inches of rain in the valley, up to seven in the mountains. thursday it should taper off but we will let you know when it will pick up again. >> a reminder you can down load our new ktvu weather app to help you get through the series of storms. it has realtime radar and weather alerts to keep you up to date right on your android smart phone or iphone. >>> firefight
is the water report mr. rich i didn't. >> thank you, steve assistant general manager for water the slides is an update on our water situation looking forward. you know, the total reservoir storage is about a million arc feet but we are dealing with 3 hundred thousand is directly available for our hetch hetchy reservoir. we're working on another project to make more water available for drink. the precipitation is good 40 in february in terms of the precipitation but still just a drop in the bucket to where we would be at this point. again, i included the table of our assistant storage and the current storm in cherry lake is 2 hundred and accomplice acre and that's a significant amount of water. the two grafts you you've come to see and appreciate is first precipitation again, the red line is above 1976, 77 but been stable in the last few weeks we should see on uptick from the stormwater this weekend. similarly the snow pack is way below normal so we have a long ways to go in observer system. some of the management actions flaw just to receive january 3rd amendment we called for a reduction
week later, i got a callback from the publisher who said, steve jobs changed the title to your book. he said, you cannot put the word health in the title. it is a bad word in our country. it is like chewing cardboard. you need a bold, declaratory title. and i said, why would you call the publisher and not me, we speak almost every day, and he said, it is their job to market the book. tavis: i assume you are happy with the change. >> i tell you, it was a privilege to know him, and everything he told me, especially on that kind of thing, i did right away. put you do not want to in a position to violate dr. client privilege, but what do you take away with the relationships you have had with a long list of high-profile americans as their physician? each one, you learn something. steve lives every day until he died. some people die mentally the day they are diagnosed. steve literally live until the day he died. looking at every day that stays with you as something that stays with you forever. sadly, that is one, comes to mind, and we talk about it, the executive producer of my radio program.
to conduct the small floors. >> steve is prepared to answer those questions in detail. you would basically be making an sro and one of the objection is that the properties are too dense and too small. that's what they are saying the whole time. if the issue is to just make it harder to build and also make it in feasible from an economic point because we would have to go back and start over with the planning process, with the drafting and the design. i will have steve come up. >> mr. pacheco, is there closed captioning possible. >> wait a second. i don't know if they are getting it on or not. steve, the architect for the project. i might want to limit my comments to two architectural issues and how they relate to this condition to limit their envelope and therefore reduce the size of the building. i'm not a lawyer but in my reading of all the briefs and the arguments brought forward, it's clear to me that there are very many unsettled issues a lot of them do relate to design. there is question of whether the height is a density control or not. the planning code says there is a density contr
the experience. when i recognized steve was going to make this film, i recognized it was an opportunity to do something that hadn't been done before. were feelingings the responsibility and the self-doubt and not wanting to be the guy-i would have to look back on the experience and question whether i was the guy to do that. you know what i mean? i felt those were the questions in my head, and that is why i , once a moment of pause steve asked me about it. then i went back to the book. something happened when i read the book, because i felt it is a reflection on a man's life. it's a reflection on this man's life, and he writes about it in such a poetic, humble way about his experiences, and i realized i don't have to worry about the weight of it or the geopolitical racial consciousness of it, of the history of slavery and so on, but i have to think about solomon northrup and his journey. tavis: what is your sense of the moment of the response of the film? it has generated all kinds of conversation. is it what you thought might happen? >> yes. i really wanted to put it on the map. in everydayer
public comment on this item? >> good evening, steve williamson behalf of the appellant. i would like to urge the board not to go into closed session. as the board of appeals you conduct a public business and you are residents here m san diego. closed sessions take away the public right to know what's going on and takes away the transparency. the decision that you reached in this particular case was reached in the most public matter possible in a very large public meetings attended by dozens of people who gave testimony and broadcast on television at the same time. your deliberations and your decision was also done in the full light of day whether right or wrong or whether agreed or disagreed with it was open and transparent. i urge you not to change that now. don't move the process behind closed doors. the public will end up what's happening now and i don't believe if you look at the statutory language that this is a situation that even calls for a closed session. if that true language is very specific because of the disfavored nature of closed door meetings and the administrative c
the joy of my life. >> steve mcqueen's brutal story toplavery was tipped for honors along with "gravity." that film one best director and most of the technical categories, seven oscars and all will stop the biggest haul of the night. ellen degeneres cap the show lively, and tweeted a live star packed pictures that managed to grind a social network to a halt. kate lynch it won best actress for her performance in "blue jasmine." >> thank you so much for casting me. >> matthew mcconaughey won best actor for "dallas iris club" and his costar took the award for best supporting actor. the best picture went to "12 years a slave." >> one man who brought us all together to tell that story, and that is the indomitable mr. steve mcqueen. >> i dedicate this award to all the people who have injured slavery and the 21 million people who still suffer slavery today. thank you very much. >> he is the first black director to win the best movie, and what a way to celebrate. thanks to "remedy" a lot of roots are walking around with the little golden statues. but the night belonged to "steve mcqueen and 12
party insurgency on his hands when congressman steve stockman declared he would challenge cornyn in this year's primary. oh, yeah, steve stockman of "if babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted" bumper sticker fame. steve stockman among the loosest cannons in the u.s. house which is saying something. stockman did not run a heck of a campaign. and that is a grave understatement. tea party activist from his very own state called it, "lazy and unethical." things started looking bad very early on when texas officials shut down his campaign headquarters which was actually a former motorcycle shop left to ruin and disrepair. check out the hot tubs. where, "various campaign staffers and volunteers were working and sleeping." things got worse when stockman disappeared for about two weeks missing 17 consecutive house votes, doing no campaign events, informing no one in the press about his whereabouts. eventually stockman was kind enough to clarify, where am i? find out monday. he'd been in egypt, israel and russia. that's not all. he's now embroiled in a dispute with opposition groups and
. >>> we have breaking news. a brand new time magazine cover story written by steve bril that says president barack obama considered scrapping the entire obama care website just a few weeks after it was launched. we'll have bril on the show later on. all those stories and much more coming up on the kudlow report beginning right now. >>> good evening everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is the kudlow report. we're live here 4:00 pacific. the stocks closed at an all thyme low today. good evening robert. >> hi larry. we finally made it. closing highs across the board for the s&p 500, russell 2000 and mid cap. stocks slowly climbed higher as janet yellen in the senate. they're monitoring closely in case there's a fundamental problem. those were soothing words in the congress. she's got the wise grandma college professor way. the question was differential. jcpenney was up big time, loss not as bad as expected. the company said store sales would increase 3 to 4%. chicko closed the bottom. >>> back to ukraine. russia is getting more addre aggressi aggressive. good evening jim. >> the main fla
right time. olympians steve langton and jamie greube. how they went from the lsats to a metal at the sochi games. i want to start with you, just described for people -- how did you get involved in this event? you're going down an icy wrong, in a bobsled, at 85 miles per hour. >> i have always had a crazy competitive nature. i was just in the right place at the right time as you said before. i ran track in college, and a teammate of mine who was a couple years older joined the men's team. i'm in the women's team and got amazed that i would be crazy enough to try it. >> it was a crazy moment. >> yes. >> a crazy moment for you too? >> i just got lucky. i ran track and field in college, at about 225 pounds, which is borderline obese for the launch of -- long jump. i sought out a sport that would enter the blade for what i had to offer. >> running in pushing something so that it goes 90 miles per hour? >> pushing a heavy sled. >> we should put reindeer antlers on you. >> what is it like to go down the track? >> i.r. number my first ride vividly. i was convinced the sled was broken.
it but traffic is moving along nicely. let go to steve. >>> you know, sal when i watch her son day mornings, i see claudine wong and she never waves back. am i slammed or what. a decent swath of moisture is and coming in and unfortunately my computer will not advance. we are working on it, but it will not advance. i will send it back because it will not work. we will have clouds, rain highs in the 60s so brian, colluded dean, back to you. >>> we have a number one at the box office. >> they are raising their hands above their heads. >> liam nissan landed in the top spot. son of god came in second. lego move -- rounded out the 207 top 5. they are now $60 million to a lucky winner. it was sold in mcclellan park. the winning numbers were drawn on saturday and so far nobody has come forward to claim the prize. they have had their share of power ball winners. they sold one winning ticket in milpitas, it was not me, claudine wong or sal, sorry about that. they won the $348 million jackpot. >>> how the police will fight theme, stay tuned, we will be right back. . >>> the cause of a large house fire, i
. >> steve, it's the one possible benefit of seeing russian aggression here, but actually, it could boost popular support for the new ukrainian government. >> i'm not sure about that, julia. i think this is a country that's split top to bottom, east to west, north to south. the russians invaded crimea. it is the russian troops in force with a lot of military hardware. because they said and putin said with the backing on the russian parliament they were defending the interest of russian speakers, just to remind viewers, crimea was russian. 58% of the minimum of the population believe themselves to be russian. it's a similar story in the east of the country, as well. i don't know if you can hear behind me, we've got pro government demonstrations behind me and pro russian demonstrations behind me. elsewhere in the country, we've seen violent clashes, raising the russian flag, as well, storming regional assemblies, having scuffles with pro russian supporters. i would suggest that, yes, these action ves brought out pro russian supporters and they've brought out the -- what russia's ultimate ai
of the stormwatch. let's first go to meteorologist, steve paulson. >> all right, tori, dave, thank you. this is about as good as it gets for us in a long time. an impressive area of low pressure. barometers were troping. now they've -- dropping. now they are rising a little bit. this system will play into our weather all of the rest of the day and probably saturday. it will be a big-time system for maybe thunderstorm activity later today. we had the front go through early, then a little bit of a break. now the next band is moving onshore near the san mateo/santa cruz coastline. it's going south to north. in marin county, it's on its way. some areas picked up intense rain. there are a few breaks around the north bay. concord, crockett, moderate to heavy. there was heavy rain in the san leandro hills earlier. there's the band that went over to concord, la fayette as well. it looks like santa cruz. the heaviest rain is going into the santa cruz mountains. some of that is heading into san jose as well. really intense activity. you might get a break for a little bit. as long as this low is
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